Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Shirt I Made+The Rest of my Outfit

The other night I was bored and Race was out and about somewhere so I decided to make a shirt using this tutorial. Mine didn't turn out nearly as cool but it is super comfy! And I still want to add a pocket to it which might help it look a little cooler. It is super easy to make and I had the fabric on hand so it was a fun project for the night. And I'm going to make another one and change a couple of things {Like making the neck smaller, and making the sleeves a little tighter}. Anyway, you should all make one and show me how yours turn out!! :] It's definitely a fun shirt to act like a bird in! Haha. Happy sewing everyone!

Shirt- Made by Me {FREE!}
Scarf- WalMart {$3.00}
Jacket- Old Navy {$5.00}
Jeans- Kohl's {$15.00ish}


Nicole said...

awesome job! and i adore the scarf!

xoxo from china

Kylie said...


skippysays said...

That's so cool that you made that- I literally can't sew on a button :(

lowercase letters said...

i love big poofy shirts like this!! i wear them constantly. :)
great job!
happy halloween!
i'm having a GiVeAwAy!

Suzzie V said...

I think it looks pretty cute!!awesome that you made it :)

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

That is such a pretty scarf! And for such a good deal. $3!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Michelle said...

Your shirt is so cute! I'm so jealous, I wish I could sew!

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