Saturday, October 8, 2011

New Blog! First Post!

This blog was Jackie's fun idea! We have been slow at getting it started and so I thought I'd write the first post because it's easier to post again if there's already one post right?
This blog will probably be like a lot of other blogs out there but here you have 3 very cute
sister-in-laws (or sisters-in-law) doing fun things!
We will have cute, cheap outfit posts and awesome thrifted finds.
Maybe some decorating because I'm still trying to decorate my newishly rented house
and Jackie is a new homeowner! I'm sure her house will be VERY blog worthy!
and MAYBE some recipes that we think are extra tasty.
We will do tutorials of all kinds and show you how good or bad they are and if it's possible to actually follow and make what the tutorial says. Because there are plenty out there and let's face it...
can get VERY confusing sometimes! At least to me. That may be because I just need more practice!
But that's the whole point. We want to learn how to sew cute things and of course anything else we find to do or make.
We have already made skirts, shirts, diaper bags (Jackie), other kinds of bags, hair accessories, and jewelry. We will just have to get organized and post the things we've already done and get working on NEW and FUN things!
I am excited!
If you are actually reading this, please be patient! We will get it going soon!


Anonymous said...

I'm excited :) Good luck xxx

Anonymous said...

Yay! Good luck!
xoxo Ellyse

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