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{Me & my sweet little Jude boy}

I have never really seen myself as a fashionable person or someone to look to for fashion advice. (Especially not after having my son Jude.) My typical wardrobe consists of lovely sweat pant shorts with a big t-shirt. Beautiful, I know.
It's such a challenge to find cute, affordable, & MODEST clothes, especially with a {kinda} newly-wed & new-mother budget. That is exactly why I was so excited to get this blog started with Emma & Nikki!
So, a little about me... I was born & raised in Arizona and am the 3rd child out of 4. (This is my lovely sister & her beautiful family!)
I met my husband Jonathon Ervin Bergeson-Bodily Olmstead (or E.B.) when he moved here from Oregon. I fell head-over-heels for him from the moment I laid my {10 year old} eyes on him at church. We kept our feelings a secret from each other until E.B. arrived home from a mission to Argentina in September of 2009. We were engaged 4 weeks later and were married that December in the Mesa, Arizona Temple. We welcomed our little boy the following December on our 1 year anniversary. Not sure how we'll ever top that anniversary gift!
I have always loved crafts & decorating. This probably spawns from the hours of watching decorating shows on HGTV with my mom. She is my inspiration when it comes to decorating. We love antiques & have spent many Saturdays browsing huge antique markets. 
E.B. & I just recently bought a house and are in the process of fixing it up. I'm sure I will have TONS of fun home improvement & decorating ideas to post about, so get excited! 
I have only dabbled in sewing but am so pumped to crank out some (hopefully) cute projects for you all to try! 
I guess I should have started with saying that I hate writing about myself & never know what to write. Soo, I  suppose that's all you're going to get for now! Hopefully you'll all get to know me a little better through my posts! 

{Ps. I SOMETIMES write on a personal blog. The only really good part of it are the crazy stories that my husband posted when he took over it  when it was created. Here is where you will find it!}


  • I love style but I am not the MOST fashionable person ever. I am still creating my personal style and I love having my wardrobe as a new, everyday creative outlet.
  • You most likely won't ever see me in Seven Jeans or any other expensive name brand that I do not even know. So, if that's what you're into then you might need to look somewhere else! ;] Otherwise, enjoy my type of affordable style! 
  • I love to wear things from the clearance racks of mostly Target and Old Navy but also the occasional items from Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Ross, Marshall's, etc. 
  • I am also learning to sew and loving it! Originally I just wanted to learn to sew so that my children could have the greatest Halloween costumes ever but now I am learning that I can make myself cute clothes! So I am trying new things {skirts, shirts, hair accessories, etc.} and loving it! 
Now here are some things that you may or may not want to know about me just for fun: 
  • I am married to an awesome guy with an awesome name {Race W Ashby}. We have been married for one year on September 3rd, 2011 and we are loving it! {To read more about Race and I you can read my personal blog, Race & Emma. This is where I blog about the fun things that we do together, random thoughts that fly through my head, and the occasional crafty, sewy, fashiony thing. 
  • I love to read and I hope to start writing book reviews or possibly just listing books I've read on my personal blog. 
  • I love babies and my cute baby nieces and nephews are often some of my favorite people to hang out with. {And I can't wait to have my own babies someday!}
  • I love The Cosby Show, and about a billion other shows. {Probably too many but they're all just THAT good}
  • And finally, for now, I absolutely love my family. I love having brothers and sisters and brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law. It's so cool that when you or your siblings get married your family just grows and grows! I'm so excited to be starting this blog with some of my family. :] 


I am married to Emma's oldest brother Neal.
We have twin boys named Waylen and Falcon.
I am obsessed with all things chocolate, sweet, cakey, cookie....yum.
But not cooking them myself..I kinda suck at cooking.
I hate using commas when I write. I'm not a grammar person. Sorry if that bothers you! 

I'm mostly in tees all day and covered in baby food and slobber.
I don't think trends have to only be trends. They don't have to go out of style.
If there's a trend you like and people aren't wearing it anymore KEEP wearing it anyway because the fact that you like it is all that matters.
I like to alter simple clothes and make them look different than how they were bought.
I LOVE (When I'm in the mood for "new" clothes) going to Goodwill and looking through all the crusty clothes! There are some hidden gems to be found every time! Good books and furniture to redo are also fun to look for.
My favorite crafty tool is a glue gun. Even when working with fabric I like to glue.
I have made pillows with a glue gun instead of sewing and they were VERY sturdy!
I think it's fun (but a lot of times I get frustrated) to experiment with a sewing machine because the amount of stuff you can make is endless but I'm really NOT good at sewing! SO I will be trying...and trying and TRYING to sew until I can make things that don't look like a child sewed them!
I have a blog HERE but I don't know if it's worth your time to read. haha

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