Friday, January 20, 2012

DIY Throw Pillows

Yesterday my husband & I picked up a ruby red fainting sofa that I am absolutely in LOVE with. They have them available on Urban Outfitters, but those were a little too pricey for us. To my amazement we were able to find one on craigslist in PERFECT condition for nearly half the price. So, with a new couch comes the need for some throw pillows.
I have never been able to bring myself to buy them from the store because they seem way too overpriced for something that I could easily make myself. So that's what I did! I've made 2 so far, and am very pleased with the way they turned out.
First, I decided to try and make a yellow chevron style pillow & thought I'd add some pictures of the process just in case this inspires someone else to do the same! This isn't going to be a really thorough tutorial, just the basic idea because the measuring will probably be different for everyone.

I cut my fabric to make a 12in x 16in  pillow and then cut three long strips of lace. Then came a lot of measuring and marking with rulers to make sure I made the zigzags an equal distance apart from one another.
Here you can see that you kind of have to fold the lace at the corners or pinch it together? Not sure of a good way to explain that.

Then you just pin the lace in place & sew it on. It's pretty easy, it just takes some time to get the lace in the right spot and pinned down. Once that Is complete you can go ahead and sew your back and front together, stuff it, & then sew up the last hole.

Here is a picture of the completed pillows!
For the second one I sewed a doily onto it.
& here is our sofa!!

I love the way these turned out, & it was so much cheaper than buying pillows. I'll definitely be making more!

- Jackie
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