Friday, December 9, 2011

Oh Baby!

It has been FAR too long since I have posted something. The holiday season can just get so busy sometimes! I love it nonetheless though! Anyways, I haven't had too much time to sew something spectacular to post, so I thought i'd share some exciting news!

{Baby #2 is on the way & is due the 20th of May!}

I wanted to find a creative & cheap way to share the news with the family, so I turned to my trusty camera. This picture was NOT as easy to take as it may look. This is all because of my curious little boy who wanted to do nothing but eat the chalk & rocks off the ground. I got the picture printed at Costco (they are so incredibly cheap to get printed there, it's ridiculous!) and then picked up a $3 frame from Target. 
His cute little outfit didn't cost more than $6 dollars! Courtesy of Target & Old Navy.
Hope this post isn't too boring... I'll think of something more exciting to post later!

- Jackie

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wearing the Primary Colors

Recently I've been loving wearing the Primary Colors. I'm not sure why but I have. Anyway, here's one of my red, yellow, and blue outfits!

Sweater: Target- $8
Dress {worn as skirt}: Target $10 {little girls' section}
Red tights: Old Navy $2
Blue Flats: Target- $4
Blue Jacket: Target- $6
Blue Belt: Old Navy $1

And here are a couple of my other red, yellow, and blue outfits from recently!

What are some of your favorite color combos to wear?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Just Add Lace! (The Jackie Edition)

I am so glad I am finally able to do another post! I have been without a way to load pictures to my computer for a while now & we finally fixed the problem! Woo hoo!
ANYWAYS, I took some of Nikki's advice from this post & decided to do a shirt makeover. I purchased this shirt from Target for $4.98 (couldn't resist the amazing deal), but wasn't too thrilled about the front of it. It had some strips of fabric sewn to the front & I didn't really like the raw edges. So, I found some half-off trim from Hobby Lobby & went to work!

{The shirt & the not-so-lovable front.}
Nothing too special about it at first. Just a regular polka dot shirt.

So to make it a little cuter, I did this!!!

{Please ignore the awkward chest pictures. I was without a tripod or husband at the moment, so I had to take the pictures myself. I'll post some better pictures later.}

I was very pleased with the results! Lace & trim can make a huge difference. This is definitely a trick that I will be using a lot!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Summer to Fall Outfit

Remember this post by Jackie? Well, as she mentioned, Nikki and I also made these shirts. So it was more like from one shirt to six! {And I hope to make more of these shirts so it will eventually be from one shirt to six and some!} Anyway, I LOVE this shirt and I wear it all the time! We made it just as summer was ending so the first time I wore it I definitely wore it summer style. Now I have found ways to layer and make it warmer and more fall ready. Check out my different seasonal styles for the same shirt!

Nikki and I trying on our shirts for the first time!
{I am not really tan the lighting was just SUPER weird}

Summer Style:

For the summer I wore the shirt with a light yellow and 
white cardigan {Anchor Blue?}, a belt
{Charlotte Russe $2}, jeans {Target $6}, 
and cute flats {Red-Kohl's $10, Moccassins- Payless? $5?}. 
I added a cute flower from The Apple Avenue to my cardigan. 
The light colors helped to bring out the light in the shirt 
keeping everything very summer-friendly.

Fall/Winter Style: 

For the fall/winter look I changed things up just a little. 
I wore a dark cardigan {Target $5} to bring out the 
darker colors in the shirt, I wore a jacket and scarf {not pictured}, I wore a hat made 
by Nikki to keep things warm, I wore tights 
{Old Navy- $2} and flats {Target-$6ish} with the skirt {Old Navy- $5} and boots {Land's End- $40?} with the jeans {Kohl's- $15}.

Which look do you like the best? I personally love the fall/winter look just because layers are lots of fun. And so are adorable hats made by my sister-in-law! But tell me what you like!

Also, you should check out another fall outfit post on my blog!
And you should check out our new Facebook page and get to liking it! 
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Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

*OLD Fashion

Because I'm too lazy to take pictures of myself
I thought I'd post something a little interesting.
At least to me it is because it's not something I think about every day!
But today I was going through pictures on my computer and
I found some old pictures of my relatives that I took from home last time I visited.
I'm sorry if this is inappropriate for this blog?
But I'm posting it anyway because we've (I) been slacking.

These first 3 pictures are two sets of my great grandparents at their weddings.
They are a little washed out I know but
I'm sure you can tell the wedding dresses are very modest and cover
And their hair pieces are VERY interesting. Especially the first one.
I wonder if those are real flowers.

This is John and Zilphia in 1913. How of a name cool is that?

This is them again with a bunch of family. Look at all those
giant dresses! I wonder what it would be like to wear those
dresses every single day for everything. And the men always wore
suits or at least dressier pants and shirts.

This is Paul and Lora around 1920

and This is Albert (John's brother) around 1913 and his wife on the right.
This isn't their wedding but
I loved this picture because of their dresses.

It's crazy how these styles were worn just 100 years ago.
and now it is sad but true a lot of people wear next to nothing!
Although those people who wear almost nothing aren't fashionable...

It's more fashionable now to be modest again
because a lot of older styles are coming back.
Let's just hope it doesn't go to the extremes of large dresses for everyday wear.

But we DO like big modest wedding dresses!

Me (Nikki) and Neal

Jackie and EB

Emma and Race

Mine looks like a night gown...I can't deny it.
but aren't Jackie's and Emma's dresses SOO amazing?
I love them.

I hope you two don't mind that I stole some pictures!
I didn't think you would.
and sorry! I just realized I used pictures where you guys are standing apart
and couldn't really see the details very well!
So I added some more!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Shirt I Made+The Rest of my Outfit

The other night I was bored and Race was out and about somewhere so I decided to make a shirt using this tutorial. Mine didn't turn out nearly as cool but it is super comfy! And I still want to add a pocket to it which might help it look a little cooler. It is super easy to make and I had the fabric on hand so it was a fun project for the night. And I'm going to make another one and change a couple of things {Like making the neck smaller, and making the sleeves a little tighter}. Anyway, you should all make one and show me how yours turn out!! :] It's definitely a fun shirt to act like a bird in! Haha. Happy sewing everyone!

Shirt- Made by Me {FREE!}
Scarf- WalMart {$3.00}
Jacket- Old Navy {$5.00}
Jeans- Kohl's {$15.00ish}

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Something Borrowed.

The Fab Four

Mobbin through my wardrobe one day something caught my eye. It was one of my hubbie's button-ups. He had just gotten it at Target for only four dollars a few days before. To his chagrin, after only a few wears, and a single wash, the shirt had shrunk to a muscle tee. And despite his best efforts trying to convince me that it made his muscles look sooo much bigger, I told him he'd have to retire the brand new button-up. Now, a few days later it occurred to me that maybe I could sport the shrunken tee. And that's how the fab four came to be. The shirt fit like a glove and combined with a four dollar belt, a four buck pair of kicks, and a four bone "flannigan" (what my husband calls cardigans), I was ready to hit the streets with a fresh, new, 'onda.'(style).

This beautifully written post was brought to you by my husband, E.B. He is quite the story teller!
As my husband mentioned, the shirt (Target), cardigan (Old Navy), shoes (Target), and belt (Target) were all 4 dollars a piece.

{I added a belt to give it a little more form}

This takes me back to the days when I would sneak into my big sister's room to take some of her clothes to wear.
She always caught me...
Dipping into your husband's clothes can be a great way to add to your wardrobe and not have to spend a dime.
I've even borrowed his jeans on occasion!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pause the Spending Freeze! {An Outfit Post}

Three and a half weeks ago I went on a spending freeze. I didn't set an amount of time to do it for and I didn't really set rules. I did tell Race {and a billion and one other people} that I was going to do this so I was being held somewhat accountable. I lasted three weeks and then found a shirt that I HAD to have {I passed it up twice before finally going back and buying it}. I now present to you the shirt that made me pause my spending freeze!

Shirt- Target $6 
{At least I didn't pause my spending freeze for 
something CRAZY expensive..right?}
Cardigan- Old Navy $3ish?
Jeans- Kohl's $15
Flats- Target $5ish
Bow- H&M $2ish?

My hair was done using this sock bun tutorial. Check it out!

{Also, you all can now hold me accountable for my new spending freeze. We'll see how long I last this time! I was pretty proud of the three weeks that I lasted the first time around!}

More outfit posts to come! {Since apparently those are pretty much all you'll be getting from my portion of this blog!}

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Outfit Photo Shoot

My old roommate and good friend Kylie took some outfit pictures for me the other day. It worked out really well for us because she wanted to practice taking pictures and I wanted some legit outfit photos not taken by me in the mirror. {I don't even have a full length mirror anymore...mine broke :( I'll have to get a new one since I can't always have Kylie take my pictures! {Also, if you are in Flagstaff or possibly the valley you should check out this post of Kylie's.} So, are you all ready for some fun pictures?!

Shirt- Target $6.00 {Shirt style we used in this post}
Cardigan- Old Navy $4.00
Belt- Wet Seal 3 for $1.98
Jeans- Kohl's $15
Shoes- Ross $6
Flower- Made by me $0.19

It was so fun to get dressed up and spend the afternoon taking pictures and hanging out with Kylie. We were roommates for about a year and it's been so fun staying friends even though we are both married. Sometimes I feel like we've actually learned more about each other and talked about more legit things since we got married than we ever did before. It's a lot of fun. Although I still think we should hang out more! 

Oh, also, I am AWFUL at posing! I never know what to do with my hands. Any advice?! I guess I'll just study some fashion bloggers to learn all about it!

Have a wonderful day everyone!! 

Monday, October 17, 2011

No-Sew Banner!

As you probably know, we will also be having lots of posts on crafty projects & ideas along with clothing (ie. Nikki's post on those cute bags!). So, I thought that I would go ahead and share a fast and easy project I did a couple of days ago! I was put in charge of decorations for my sister-in-law's baby shower and knew immediately that I wanted to make a banner. My initial plan was to cut out letters of my new nephew's name and sew them on the banner. However, I just didn't have the time!So my mother-in-law came up with the idea of using paper letters & tape (she's a genius!). This made the project so quick & easy. You could use this idea for birthdays, baby/bridal showers, anything! The cool part is that because you are using paper letters, you are able to reuse the banner and switch out what it says whenever you want!
So here is how it goes down:

  1. Cut out the banner pieces.
  2. Print the letters & cut them out.
  3. Tape the letters to the pieces of fabric.
  4. Attach the banner pieces to ribbon (or whatever your little heart desires). I attached them to the ribbon by using mini clothes pins so I didn't have to sew or glue a single thing!
  5. Admire your beautiful work of art & craftiness!

I think the best part of this was that I didn't have to spend a dime! I used all scrap fabric and I already had all of the supplies I needed.
{Sorry I don't have more pictures, but it's pretty easy to put together!}
{Also, you can print the elephant banner here!}

Friday, October 14, 2011

Stylin' on a Sunday

Let's be honest. Sundays are usually the only day of the week that I'm stylin'!

Breakdown for Me:
Coat- Charlotte Russe ($10)
Shirt- Delia's ($10)
Skirt- Target ($12)
Tights- Old Navy ($0.98)
Shoes- Charlotte Russe ($8)

Breakdown for Race:
Three-Piece Suit- Goodwill in Chicago, Illinois ($4)
Tie- Goodwill in Chicago (No idea how much)
Shirt- For our wedding (Also no idea how much)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Small Zipper Bags

Tutorial at
I loved these when I saw them.
I tried to make some but I didn't add any of the dividers or card holders on the inside.
For some reason mine turned out really small so I'm not sure I would call it a clutch
but they're still really cute!

Here is my first one. The zipper is wavy but the tabs turned out on this one!

I had a hard time sewing the zipper tabs and the zippers.
I just couldn't get them straight or to look right.
(except for the first one I made!)
But with some practice I'm sure it will get easier.

I made a few of those and then I found
these two tutorials for zipper bags:
Rounded Bag - FAVORITE!
Zipper Pouches
SO I tried some rounded ones with a bow on the front but I used regular fabric.
and I used the second tutorial as another way to sew in the zipper.

This is one I made without zipper tabs.

I have no idea how to do the vinyl stuff printed on the front.
I just liked how there were no zipper tabs to worry about, you just
sewed it right in.

First rounded one! with no zipper tabs

Also at first all the leaving a hole and turning the bags inside out to finish confused me to no end!
Once you sew bags with linings a few times it gets easy and obvious what you have to do!
And they're actually really fast and fun to make!
They would make a cute gift with candy in them just like the rounded bag tutorial suggests.
All you need is a 2$ zipper from Joann and some scrap fabric.
I didn't even use the padding for most of them. Especially if your fabric is a little bit thicker you don't need it. Maybe you don't need it at all!
That's a really great cheap gift!

The last one I made. I tried tabs again and they just got stuck underneath somehow.
You can't really tell from these pictures. And it looks the same on both sides anyway so it isn't
too bad.

Make It and Love It
has SOOOOOOOOOOO many cute free tutorials!
I am using it a ton!
I suggest you go check it out!

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