Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Summer to Fall Outfit

Remember this post by Jackie? Well, as she mentioned, Nikki and I also made these shirts. So it was more like from one shirt to six! {And I hope to make more of these shirts so it will eventually be from one shirt to six and some!} Anyway, I LOVE this shirt and I wear it all the time! We made it just as summer was ending so the first time I wore it I definitely wore it summer style. Now I have found ways to layer and make it warmer and more fall ready. Check out my different seasonal styles for the same shirt!

Nikki and I trying on our shirts for the first time!
{I am not really tan the lighting was just SUPER weird}

Summer Style:

For the summer I wore the shirt with a light yellow and 
white cardigan {Anchor Blue?}, a belt
{Charlotte Russe $2}, jeans {Target $6}, 
and cute flats {Red-Kohl's $10, Moccassins- Payless? $5?}. 
I added a cute flower from The Apple Avenue to my cardigan. 
The light colors helped to bring out the light in the shirt 
keeping everything very summer-friendly.

Fall/Winter Style: 

For the fall/winter look I changed things up just a little. 
I wore a dark cardigan {Target $5} to bring out the 
darker colors in the shirt, I wore a jacket and scarf {not pictured}, I wore a hat made 
by Nikki to keep things warm, I wore tights 
{Old Navy- $2} and flats {Target-$6ish} with the skirt {Old Navy- $5} and boots {Land's End- $40?} with the jeans {Kohl's- $15}.

Which look do you like the best? I personally love the fall/winter look just because layers are lots of fun. And so are adorable hats made by my sister-in-law! But tell me what you like!

Also, you should check out another fall outfit post on my blog!
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Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!


Fash Boulevard said...

love the belted cardi. super cute. so so glad I came across your blog. totally following. If you get second, I'd love if you'd check out mine. It's all about the adventures of a southern girl turned LA stylist. thanks, love. xo


Connie said...

First of all... you find GREAT deals! Man, I need a lesson from you. I just drafted a post JUST like this and then decided not to post. I wish I did- this was fun to read (:

Jessi Haish said...

i love all of those outfits! those red tights are awesome!

AmazinglyBe-AU-tiful said...

love the thightsss..

follow me :)


Monica and Whitney said...

This beanie is so fabulous!

Ask the Duplex

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

I'm kind of obsessed with this outfit. I love all of the pretty colors. :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Sara C. said...

I really like the way these picts are edited!
Have a great day
Sara C.

Jenni Austria Germany said...

that hat is so cute. i want one!

Sharde said...

ooh i love summer AND winter style! :)

sharde @ the style projects

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