Tuesday, October 11, 2011

From One Shirt to Four.

Have you ever found a shirt and then you wish that you had purchased a couple of them in every color because you love it so much? Maybe it's just me, but I feel like this happens to me a lot! This is how I felt about this shirt that I had purchased from Target in their clearance section (of course).
{Me & the shirt. It even came with a belt!}

So I was more than happy to get together with Nikki and Emma and try to make this same shirt! This is actually a fantastic was to expand your wardrobe cheaply (... is that even a word?). This also gives you a chance to add a little twist to the shirt by changing it a bit in the process!

This past Labor Day we took on the task of making our own versions of this shirt. All we had to do was trace half of the shirt on to some newspaper and cut it out to make our very own pattern! This allowed us to make as many of them as we wanted.

{Here is the pattern we used that Emma made!}
{My cute 10 yr old sister-in-law Gelsey! Don't they make cute little girl dresses too!}

{I paired this shirt (or dress) with a $1 belt I found at Goodwill.}

{And finally, the three shirts that I made from our pattern.}


Emma Frances said...

Woohoo! I got one of the actual shirts on clearance so that I can make more patterns! And Gels looks so cute in it with the belt! :) I need to make more!!

Nikki Olmstead said...

I love all the fabrics! mine didn't turn out as good as yours! and for some reason mine are all so small! I think I'm a sloppy sewer!

Gentri said...

Oh goodness! You girls are way too talented. Stop it. :)

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

I love all of these fabrics and prints! That is such an amazing idea. They all look great!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

elise said...

Holy hannah I love that shirt! Pure genius. And the aqua girls dress with the red belt is stellar.

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