Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Something Borrowed.

The Fab Four

Mobbin through my wardrobe one day something caught my eye. It was one of my hubbie's button-ups. He had just gotten it at Target for only four dollars a few days before. To his chagrin, after only a few wears, and a single wash, the shirt had shrunk to a muscle tee. And despite his best efforts trying to convince me that it made his muscles look sooo much bigger, I told him he'd have to retire the brand new button-up. Now, a few days later it occurred to me that maybe I could sport the shrunken tee. And that's how the fab four came to be. The shirt fit like a glove and combined with a four dollar belt, a four buck pair of kicks, and a four bone "flannigan" (what my husband calls cardigans), I was ready to hit the streets with a fresh, new, 'onda.'(style).

This beautifully written post was brought to you by my husband, E.B. He is quite the story teller!
As my husband mentioned, the shirt (Target), cardigan (Old Navy), shoes (Target), and belt (Target) were all 4 dollars a piece.

{I added a belt to give it a little more form}

This takes me back to the days when I would sneak into my big sister's room to take some of her clothes to wear.
She always caught me...
Dipping into your husband's clothes can be a great way to add to your wardrobe and not have to spend a dime.
I've even borrowed his jeans on occasion!


Nikki Olmstead said...

cute! hah if i did that..... clothes 10 times bigger than me no way would i look good!!

Emma Frances said...

Love this Jackie! I want Race to write a post for me sometime! Haha. And E.B. really is the best {funniest} storyteller!

Rylie Renee said...

CUTEEE! I love all of your outfits! They're great. :)

Sherri said...

Way to be thrifty! Your husband is funny! I love your peep-toe shoes!

sherri from SHERRI AMOUR

julia.a said...

amazing look :):)

lowercase letters said...

oh buddy! this is the cutest outfit! you totally rock it too girl. :)
thank you {yall :)} for following my lil spot! makes me happy:)

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