Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Small Zipper Bags

Tutorial at
I loved these when I saw them.
I tried to make some but I didn't add any of the dividers or card holders on the inside.
For some reason mine turned out really small so I'm not sure I would call it a clutch
but they're still really cute!

Here is my first one. The zipper is wavy but the tabs turned out on this one!

I had a hard time sewing the zipper tabs and the zippers.
I just couldn't get them straight or to look right.
(except for the first one I made!)
But with some practice I'm sure it will get easier.

I made a few of those and then I found
these two tutorials for zipper bags:
Rounded Bag - FAVORITE!
Zipper Pouches
SO I tried some rounded ones with a bow on the front but I used regular fabric.
and I used the second tutorial as another way to sew in the zipper.

This is one I made without zipper tabs.

I have no idea how to do the vinyl stuff printed on the front.
I just liked how there were no zipper tabs to worry about, you just
sewed it right in.

First rounded one! with no zipper tabs

Also at first all the leaving a hole and turning the bags inside out to finish confused me to no end!
Once you sew bags with linings a few times it gets easy and obvious what you have to do!
And they're actually really fast and fun to make!
They would make a cute gift with candy in them just like the rounded bag tutorial suggests.
All you need is a 2$ zipper from Joann and some scrap fabric.
I didn't even use the padding for most of them. Especially if your fabric is a little bit thicker you don't need it. Maybe you don't need it at all!
That's a really great cheap gift!

The last one I made. I tried tabs again and they just got stuck underneath somehow.
You can't really tell from these pictures. And it looks the same on both sides anyway so it isn't
too bad.

Make It and Love It
has SOOOOOOOOOOO many cute free tutorials!
I am using it a ton!
I suggest you go check it out!


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Emma Frances said...

I love these! I need to make some for this scarf swap thing I'm doing!

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