Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pause the Spending Freeze! {An Outfit Post}

Three and a half weeks ago I went on a spending freeze. I didn't set an amount of time to do it for and I didn't really set rules. I did tell Race {and a billion and one other people} that I was going to do this so I was being held somewhat accountable. I lasted three weeks and then found a shirt that I HAD to have {I passed it up twice before finally going back and buying it}. I now present to you the shirt that made me pause my spending freeze!

Shirt- Target $6 
{At least I didn't pause my spending freeze for 
something CRAZY expensive..right?}
Cardigan- Old Navy $3ish?
Jeans- Kohl's $15
Flats- Target $5ish
Bow- H&M $2ish?

My hair was done using this sock bun tutorial. Check it out!

{Also, you all can now hold me accountable for my new spending freeze. We'll see how long I last this time! I was pretty proud of the three weeks that I lasted the first time around!}

More outfit posts to come! {Since apparently those are pretty much all you'll be getting from my portion of this blog!}

Have a wonderful week everyone!


Gentri said...

Super cute! And totally worth pausing your spending freeze. Again, your bun is totally perfect!

Kylie said...

I love that outfit and your hair is sooo cute. I meant to tell you when I saw you last night, but I failed.

Nikki Olmstead said...

such a cute shirt! i need to go on a spending freeze too!! i kinda did make up my mind a while back that i was only going to buy things we need for our house or groceries..no more even LOOKING at the clothes. my problem is i want clothes and then i don't wear them because i don't go anywhere where i need to wear clothes.

Bad Joan said...

love your hair!


Sara Shoemaker said...

my goodness your hair is adorable! and you can wear that shirt in so many ways with so many things, I love it. :) I've had several unsuccessful spending freezes hahah

new post up!The House of Shoes

Jaclyn Olmstead said...

Adorable! That hair = perfection.

Daryl said...

Thanks so much for linking up to my tutorial! Really appreciate it!

<3 Daryl
Roots, Wings, and Other Things.

Anonymous said...

1) hair is brilliant 2) so is the shirt!

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