Thursday, November 3, 2011

*OLD Fashion

Because I'm too lazy to take pictures of myself
I thought I'd post something a little interesting.
At least to me it is because it's not something I think about every day!
But today I was going through pictures on my computer and
I found some old pictures of my relatives that I took from home last time I visited.
I'm sorry if this is inappropriate for this blog?
But I'm posting it anyway because we've (I) been slacking.

These first 3 pictures are two sets of my great grandparents at their weddings.
They are a little washed out I know but
I'm sure you can tell the wedding dresses are very modest and cover
And their hair pieces are VERY interesting. Especially the first one.
I wonder if those are real flowers.

This is John and Zilphia in 1913. How of a name cool is that?

This is them again with a bunch of family. Look at all those
giant dresses! I wonder what it would be like to wear those
dresses every single day for everything. And the men always wore
suits or at least dressier pants and shirts.

This is Paul and Lora around 1920

and This is Albert (John's brother) around 1913 and his wife on the right.
This isn't their wedding but
I loved this picture because of their dresses.

It's crazy how these styles were worn just 100 years ago.
and now it is sad but true a lot of people wear next to nothing!
Although those people who wear almost nothing aren't fashionable...

It's more fashionable now to be modest again
because a lot of older styles are coming back.
Let's just hope it doesn't go to the extremes of large dresses for everyday wear.

But we DO like big modest wedding dresses!

Me (Nikki) and Neal

Jackie and EB

Emma and Race

Mine looks like a night gown...I can't deny it.
but aren't Jackie's and Emma's dresses SOO amazing?
I love them.

I hope you two don't mind that I stole some pictures!
I didn't think you would.
and sorry! I just realized I used pictures where you guys are standing apart
and couldn't really see the details very well!
So I added some more!


Jaclyn Olmstead said...

Nikki, I think this post is perfect! I LOVE looking back at old pictures, especially of family members. It's so important to not forget them and to remember to do their work. They also have amazing clothes. Wouldn't it be neat to have some of those clothes! I loved the pictures. Your wedding dress is beautiful! Love all the modest clothes woo hoo!
Ps. you should definitely use that name for one of your future girls!

Emma Frances said...

I love this Nikki! Old pictures are so cool! And the style is so different. I do think that styles are moving a little bit more towards the modest side though. Obviously lots of people won't follow that but I love that vintage is coming back in!!

Stesha said...

I love this!! I am a vintage photographer and I just love love these looks!!

Classic & Bubbly

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

This is such an amazing post!!!! I am absolutely in love with these old photos.
And I love your wedding dress!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Monica and Whitney said...

Love these photos! Gorgeous.

Ask the Duplex

Beverly Houpt said...

I love looking at old pictures :) The last one in the set of old photos is my favorite. I only hope one day that my future grandchildren will be in awe of all my old photos.

My Songbook said...

I love this post! And I love how older styles are coming back.

Candace Stevenson said...

It is crazy how styles now are showing SO much skin! Modest is hottest :)
Lovely Little Rants

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

I love looking at old photos! I recently got a chain email that had tons of old photos it was so fun looking at them. You are a gorgeous bride :) xoxo

skippysays said...

i love this post- how fun! Your dress is awesome, as are Jackie's and Emma's!

Lisa said...

Amazing pictures!

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