Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dressing a Baby Bump

I post about this over on my blog somewhat regularly but I figured since this is the more fashion/craft blog I should do a little post over here as well. I am 34 weeks pregnant as of yesterday and I have loved dressing my growing baby bump over the past few weeks/months. I have enjoyed getting more creative with my outfits and I have really tried to get dressed most days even though it would be so much easier to wear sweats and a baggy t-shirt every day. {I am wearing sweats and a baggy t-shirt right now! Haha.} Anyway, here are some things I have learned about dressing my baby bump:
  • A ton of my normal clothes work just fine covering my belly. 
  • Maternity pants are super comfy if you figure out what kind of waist line you like the best. 
  • I am going to buy a belly band for my next pregnancy. I haven't bought one yet and now I feel like there's no point since I won't be pregnant for much longer. But next time I'll get one from the beginning. 
  • Hair ties around jean buttons are a must! 
  • Maxi skirts and dresses are the way to go! 
  • Skirts and dresses in general are the way to go. So comfy and cool in the hot summer months. 
  • LONG undershirts are a must to cover your mostly unzipped jeans. {I guess that wouldn't apply as much if I had actually bought a belly band though!} 
  • Around the house it doesn't matter what you look like. I normally take off most of my clothes and let my belly hang out. Haha. It's super comfy, Maybe not the most attractive thing but oh well!! 
  • You can usually find good maternity stuff at Goodwill/Savers because people don't wear it for long and often don't keep it around after they have their baby. I found some super cheap and comfy bottoms that I absolutely love! 
Well, that's about it! Now for some pictures of outfits I have come up with in the past few months! 

For all you pregnant ladies out there: What are your tips for dressing your baby bump? Is it something you've enjoyed or something that has been really hard? I hope this helps someone out there! Just six{ish} more weeks til I can get on here and talk about dressing a sweet baby girl! :] Now THAT will be exciting!

{I'll make sure to update this blog before then though!}

Happy Thursday everyone!


Hena Tayeb said...

You look adorable.. congratulations.

Rachel Elizabeth said...

I wore a lot of skirts and tank tops when I was pregnant with my daughter.

Kimberly Bonham said...

You are adorable!
Stumbled upon your blog. Love!
New follower! Follow me back?

andrea brionne said...

such a cute blog post! i love that you took photos all throughout your pregnancy :) and very cute outfits too!

andrea brionne

carolina. said...

hi honey! i just found your blog today and i love it so!! please check out my baby blog and if you like it we can follow each other!

see you soon,

Janette said...

Oh my gosh!!! You are such a cute mama! Lovin' your style!

♥Janette ♥

t said...

Nice outfits!

My Soul is the Sky said...

wow look at you go/grow! your outfits are super cute. how is it being at the end of your term, getting uncomfortable?

Antoinette said...

LOVE your preggy style!!!
I'm 18 weeks and am just getting out of that awkward stage and am actually starting to look preg rather tha chubby! I find that a belt above the bump does absolute wonders!

Lex said...

Just found your blog and it is so adorable! :)

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